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Vehicles installed LED lights only to increase the brightness?

Recently, Lanzhou traffic police through the “night investigation” action and found that some large trucks in the license plate above the installation of LED lights, the driver’s excuse is: “to install LED lights, is to increase the” Lights brightness, enhance the night driving safety. “Installed LED lights, really just to increase the brightness of it? Not also! This is actually only a small means of their intention to create a capture system that is overexposed and evasive punishment.
July 11 at 10 o’clock in the evening, Zhangjiashi high-speed traffic police brigade police inspection, the head came a heavy-duty semi-trailer, the front plate issued under the dazzling white light. Police check found that the vehicle under the entrance of the hollow at the entrance was artificially installed a row of LED lights, strong light not only to the naked eye can not identify the license plate number, but also lead to excessive exposure to electronic eyes.
Police comprehensive investigation found that LED lights open, the role of light, the license plate can not see, you can escape the electronic monitoring of the capture system, truck drivers to escape the punishment. But the driver did not believe that in order to convince the driver, the police picked up in the sea stone Bay law enforcement service station in front of 3 km at the seizure control system, found that there is no car driving records. In the face of evidence, the driver said he heard many peer drivers say, the license plate above the LED lights, the electronic monitoring can not capture the license plate, this method is very hidden, not easily perceived by the traffic police. Later, the driver was fined 200 yuan, forced to remove the LED lights punishment.