Traditional markets too difficult to do? These LED lighting market segments “money” broad view!

LED replacement of the traditional fish market is vast.

Fishing is a common practice in the fishing industry, especially in ocean-going fisheries, by light-induced fishing, which mainly uses the phototrophic characteristics of fish to catch fish by luminescent fish. Mercury fishing lamps have gone through kerosene lamps, incandescent lamps, tungsten lamps to metal halide lamp product updates, but metal halide lamp there mercury pollution, fragile and have a lot of UV output, will cause harm to humans and marine life, Start a long time, can not adjust the light color, serious light failure and other issues.

The current application of LED light efficiency can reach more than 100LM / W, compared with the metal halide lamp, the same optical power, saving 70% of energy consumption, while life expectancy 5-10 times, environmentally safe, in addition you can The use of bio-photometric characteristics and optical lens design to create a unique “lure fish-shaped”, allowing fish to stay in the light-shaped range, and significantly reduce fuel consumption, LED fishing light is the inevitable ocean fishing select.

According to statistics, there are a total of 345 million fishing boats in Asia, of which motor fishing vessels occupy 80% or 2.77 million, small fishing vessels (0-11.9M) share of 87%, a total of 2.41 million, each ship The minimum / maximum LED fishing light for fishing vessels is 36/72 and it needs 173 million light fishing lamps. If only 10% market share is obtained, it will need 17.3 million light fishing lamps each year and the market will have huge space for development.

In the meantime, at present, China’s fishery is the largest in the world with its tonnage of fishing vessels ranking the first in the world, accounting for 17.4% of the total installed capacity of the market, reaching nearly 14 million tons, while nearly 200,000 medium-sized fishing vessels in China About 100 tons or more) installed in the market share of 10% of the 72 fish / boat, the required number of fish-hunting lamps is still amazing, about 150 million 150W of fish-fishing lights.

Industry 4.0 to promote high-power LED miners lamp market outbreak.

With the global promotion of the concept of Industry 4.0, reducing unit energy consumption and increasing resource utilization, it has become a broad consensus. In this context, high-efficiency, low power consumption of new LED lighting products in large-scale industrial applications, industrial lighting ushered in the “LED era.”

Industry experts said that in addition to the continuous growth of the domestic market, the market for high-power mining lamp in Europe and the United States is also rapidly growing, the future of Europe and the United States and other regions will be the main market for the development of domestic LED high-power miner’s lamp business.

According to the data, in 2016, the output value of LED high bay lamp reached 5.1 billion yuan, up 18% over the same period of last year. Benefiting from the rapid growth of export market, the market scale of LED high bay lamp in 2017 is expected to reach 6.3 billion yuan. In 2016, the export volume of China’s LED high bay light reached 168 million U.S. dollars, up 30% over the same period of last year, down from 102% in 2015, but still showing a trend of rapid growth. Considering that the penetration rate of overseas LED mining light is still relatively low, LED is currently in the process of rapid infiltration is expected in 2017 China’s LED mining lamp export growth rate will reach about 70%.

“From the target market of mining lamp, the exhibition center, large shopping mall, farmer’s market, supermarket, gymnasium, toll booth and other places in the city have also become large-scale growth lamps for the miner’s lamp market with a wide range of product applications.”

Major companies actively layout plant lighting.

According to the analysis of LED research center of the state-owned company, the market prospect of LED used in plant lighting is quite optimistic. It is expected that the market size will grow rapidly. Plant lighting market in 2017 is about 690 million US dollars, of which 193 million US dollars LED lamps, plant lighting market is expected to grow to 1.424 billion US dollars by 2020, LED lamps will grow to 356 million US dollars.

At present, the global LED application of plant lighting has shown rapid growth trend, the international lighting manufacturers Philips, Osram, GE, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Chemical, Sharp, Panasonic and others have been competing layout plant lighting. With the global penetration of plant LED lighting applications upgrade, the Chinese market is also slowly emerging, the future market prospects.

Earlier, LED industry “predecessors” Tang Guoqing published a “China Lighting into a new era: a brief discussion on the thirteen expectations,” which mentioned the 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Award, awarded the plant lighting factory project , Revealing the country’s intention of plant lighting.

A major manifestation of plant lighting is the plant factory. In China, following the industrialization of the lake head base, the industrial layout of Plant Factory in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan has been put on the agenda with a total investment expected to reach 7 billion yuan. In March 2017, the capital of Jinsha River In collaboration with AeroFarms, the first phase of 10 full-scale plant factories was constructed in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. In April 2017, the No.12 and No. 28 division of the seven divisions reached agreement with Shanghai City Shangtong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. On June 20, 2017, Jingdong Group and Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group started a business cooperation in the field of plant factories and they will build an approximately 10,000-square-meter plant factory in Tongzhou, Beijing. , Investment of about 49.16 million yuan; July 2017, Xinjiang’s first intelligent LED plant factory officially put into operation, where the output value of 1 mu of land equivalent to the traditional cultivation of nearly 40 acres of land value; January 2018, Plant plant project second-generation plant part of the plant, that expensive Chinese herbal medicines (Anoectochile) plant factory production line has been officially put into operation … … a number of plant plants are It shows the major companies have already begun distribution in this area.