The brighter the office environment, people’s work efficiency will be higher?

So if missed nap at noon, is there any way to remedy the situation is not online working? In the study of Mr.Allen, there is a new light to join the factor. “People spend about one-third of the day in an office or office space.What is the environment of our office lighting, will it affect people’s psychological status and job performance?” Tao Tao put optical and psychology professionals System linked together. “We simulated setting up an office to test whether people’s mood and work efficiency will be different under different office lighting conditions by adopting LED lamps of different color temperature and different light intensity.”


The entire study lasted about 8 months, recruiting more than 150 young volunteers for 300 experiments. The study found that the use of different color temperature (yellow and blue) LED light source, and will not directly affect people’s emotional state and mental performance. But the light intensity is different. “Volunteers are more alert when working under conditions of high illuminance (1000 lux) of LED lighting, and have significantly better responsiveness to tasks unrelated to their job duties and significantly better short-term memory tests.” Researchers also found that the effect of office lighting is not generated quickly, but the longer the light, the effect will be more prominent.


“Therefore, we suggest that people work more efficiently by raising their light intensity if for various reasons they do not have a nap or feel tired during work,” said Tao Tao, This high-light office lighting environment is only suitable for use during daytime hours, “night work or home state, it is best to pick low-temperature yellow light, such as yellow LED lights, or set a lower light illumination to avoid interference Nighttime normal sleep rest and quality. “He also specifically reminded that many people have bedtime mobile phone, tablet and computer habits, and most of these electronic devices will emit blue screen,” there is a bad night’s sleep Affected, many contemporary people say that sleep well, there are reasons for this.