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New York: 2018 at the end of the remaining 3 into the street lights to upgrade to LED

In recent years, in the process of deepening the globalization process and countries to promote LED products related to the policy, the domestic LED business “going out” wind and water. New York large-scale replacement of LED lights, LED lighting for China is undoubtedly a good opportunity for enterprises.

With the daytime day by day shorter, one day longer than the day, the New Yorkers will begin to see the city’s new scene. According to the New York City Department of Transportation data, the city’s 250,000 street lamps, nearly 72% of the orange light has been known from the previous sodium vapor lamp replaced by a more bright white LED bulbs.

New York’s goal is to upgrade the remaining 28% of the lights by the end of 2018, but not those on national highways. LED lamp life longer than the old lamp, but only consume half of the energy, can save millions of dollars. Experts say upgrades can increase the sense of security that can inspire New York locals and tourists to go more streets at night.
Article link: China Security Exhibition Network