LED filament lamp global hot, into the patent racing period.

In recent years, with the global phase-out of incandescent lamps, LED lamp penetration continues to rise, in this old and new, as the appearance and incandescent similar to the better performance of the LED filament lamp emerge as the hot industry sought after applications, and A great trend from the fiery overseas markets to the Asian market trend, in order to win the LED filament lamp market, the layout of major companies competing patents, the intention to grasp the key to winning the patent.

Incandescent global phase-out, LED filament lamp rise.

For the sake of energy saving and emission reduction, at present, the roadmap for phase-out of incandescent lamps has been released all over the world. China has explicitly banned the production and sale of incandescent lamps over 60 watts. Other western countries (the United States, Canada and Australia) Clear out of the incandescent lamp. LED penetration rate has also increased year by year, while the LED filament lamp incandescent lamp similar shape, but also has the advantages of LED lighting, but also ushered in a large number of market demand.

According to relevant statistics, in 2015, the global market demand for LED filament lamps has reached more than 70 million, an increase of 376%. In 2017, the total market volume of LED filament lamps will reach 450 million.

The global LED filament lamp market is expected to reach RMB5.66 billion (about USD831 million) in 2017, an increase of 95% over the same period of last year; CAGR will reach 47.7% between 2017 and 2022. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the global market size of filament lamps will reach 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Filament complex LED filament lamp overseas sells well.

With the development of LED filament lamp technology, the appearance of LED filament lamp is getting better and better. At the same time, the intensity of phase-out of incandescent lamps in various countries is strengthened, and the shipment of LED filament lamp is rapidly growing.

According to insiders, cold weather in Europe and North America, people prefer to warm light and heat lamps, so more energy-efficient LED lights in Europe and the United States is not high replacement rate, followed by a long history of incandescent lamps in Europe and the United States even more filament complex. Kristof Vermeersch, head of global LED lighting product management at Philips Lighting, said: “People are looking for the sparkling and cozy warmth you see in incandescent light bulbs.”

According to a YouGov poll, nearly a third of the British people who supported Brexit in 2016 said they would like to see the return of old light bulbs. LED filament lamps also solve the constant problem that policymakers have been facing: They want to disable inefficient incandescent bulbs, but are opposed by consumers who like the old-fashioned look. The LED filament lamp looks like the inefficient incandescent lamp invented by Edison in 1878 to encourage people who like old-fashioned bulbs to change.

Patent, the biggest obstacle to the domestic market.

LED Filament lights in the domestic market started late, the lack of adequate understanding of the technical parameters of filament lamps, many dealers are more strange to the filament lamp. There are businesses that are interviewed that although the filament lamp products cost-effective, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, but for most consumers, the filament lamp prices are still high, businesses in the agency of filament products risks and benefits in the same, This is an important factor that they are still waiting to see.

In addition, LED filament lamp pay attention to the patent, but also limits the domestic enterprises swarmed into. The foreground crystal said that in the next few years, LED filament lamp market share will exceed 50%, filament lamp pay attention to patents, widely used in Europe, this crystal will continue to develop filament lamps, lamp and other efficient lighting applications, while reducing the mainland Market share, transferred to Europe and the United States market.

Asian markets ready for patent as a competitive hot spot.

Due to higher profits in foreign markets, larger market space, and now the country’s “Belt and Road” and other policies to promote the continuous expansion of LED filament lamp overseas markets. According to statistics, in the first half of 2017, Chinese manufacturers exported 15.73 million LED filament lamps with a total export volume of 22.47 million U.S. dollars, up 35.3% and 330% respectively. Nearly three times the growth rate, fully demonstrated the continuous expansion of filament lamps overseas markets.

As overseas markets expand, both the Asian and domestic markets are gaining momentum. In late 2017, the Japanese region also started to launch the LED filament lamp. The fiery demand of the LED filament lamp spreads from Asia to the United States along the European and American markets and becomes the highlight of the market. The domestic e-commerce stores and small convenience stores direct sales of filament lamps, planing to brokers, channel commissions, so that the cost of filament lamp into a large number of billions of users, the filament lamp quickly in the business license and landscape Lighting is widely used.

At the same time, with many enterprises entering the LED filament lamp, the future patent will become a new hot LED filament lamp competition. Prior to the filament lamp bottleneck lies in technology and yield, in 2016, when Taiwan Crystal Lawsuit Newhouse Lighting filament lamp violated six crystal patents, thus bringing the LED filament lamp patent battle on the table.