Fishing big kill! Better than traditional metal halide sea harvester.

Recently, Shenzhen Moon Optoelectonics Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Institute of Energy Institute of Energy jointly implemented high-power LED fishing lights demonstration project in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Shidao Newport pier successfully launched.

Shenzhen Moon Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. is engaged in ultra-high-power high-end LED lighting research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, with strong technical research and development capabilities, with a number of independent intellectual property rights patented technology.

Shenzhen Moon Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. said that the demonstration project all adopts CREE (NASDAQ: CREE) industry-leading high efficiency, high lumen output CXB3590, significant energy savings and important economic benefits:

A 33-38 m small fishing boat: using the traditional program, about 100 2000W metal halide lamp; by using Cree high efficiency, high lumen output CXB3590 program, each high-power LED lamp power only about 500W;

A 70-80 m squid fishing boat: the traditional program, about 250 4000W metal halide lamp; by using Cree high efficiency, high lumen output CXB3590 program, only about 200-250 1000-1200W high-power LED Lamps

The development of the 1200W LED fish lamp is currently the largest power, the highest light COB LED fish lamp, to fill the gaps in the market, the technical indicators about the equivalent of 4000W metal halide lamp, significant energy saving. By adopting this scheme, every squid fishing boat of 70-100 meters will be able to save millions of RMB annually in cost saving under normal operation.

According to the report of the Institute of Energy of Shandong Academy of Sciences, in September 2017, the research team used a small light boat to carry out the traditional metal halide lamp and COB high-power LED set in the Yellow Sea 50 nautical miles from Shidao Island in Shandong Peninsula Fish fishing lure performance comparison experiment. According to the results of this sea trial, COB-type high-power LED fish lamp operation, the first net fishing 40 boxes, and many fishing species, the direct economic value of 11,285 yuan; the same location with the traditional metal halide lamp operation, fishing 38 Box, the economic value of 6,650 yuan. Compared with the traditional fishing metal halide lamp, the COB high power LED fishing lamp set developed by the research team has lower energy consumption, higher environmental protection performance, more flexible operation and better lure effect.

The smooth start-up of this demonstration project represents a breakthrough in the application of COB-type high-power LED and marks the beginning of the team’s transformation of innovation and technology in COB-type high-power LED into productivity. It is reported that since the end of 2017, the standard squid fishing vessel owned by Shidao Group has carried out the fishing project with COB high-power LED fishing light of the R & D project in the South Pacific for a two-year demonstration project.