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Fear of negative impact on the exchange rate LED lighting export boom continued good

August China LED lighting export climate index of 52.2, in the boom range, down 0.4 points last month, which shows that in August China’s overall export of LED lighting situation is good, but compared to the previous month, a slight weakening, which is mainly affected by China LED lighting export scale, exchange rate fluctuations, the price trend of packaging devices, LED lighting business business revenue multiple factors.

Note: All indices are in the range of 40 to 60, 50 for the economic index of the critical value, when the prosperity index is greater than the critical value, indicating that the economic situation tends to rise or improve, in a state of the economy; when the climate index is less than the critical value , Indicating that the economic situation tends to decline or deterioration, in a recession. (58,43) for the “more prosperous” interval, [53, 50) for the “boom” interval, (50,47) for the “downturn” interval, (58,43) for the “more prosperous” 47,42] for the “more sluggish” interval, (42,40) for the “very sluggish” interval.