MoonLED Exhibits New Products at Hong Kong Lighting Fair

HONG KONG, CHINA, November 13, 2017 — Premier lighting industry experts from around the world, including representatives from MoonLED’s three regional service centers, gathered for the 19th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). The event, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), drew more than 650 brands and upward of 2,700 companies with the purpose of highlighting the best products and emerging trends in the industry. In a post-event survey conducted by the HKTDC, respondents considered household lighting (29 percent) to have the greatest growth potential in 2018, followed by LED and green lighting products (24 percent) and commercial lighting (16 percent).

These growth areas are impacted by the internet of things (IoT) or internet-connected objects. IoT is more than a buzz word, it is changing the lighting industry in very big ways. “It’s not just about lighting anymore, it’s about how lighting can be connected with everything else such as your smartphone, your car or even your TV,” says Mr.Stephen, Director at MoonLED. After nearly a decade in the smart dimming and lighting accessory industry and sixth year at the fair, MoonLED has seen technological shifts up close. They were the honored have products featured on the cover of the official HKTDC lighting fair magazine. Inside the publication, Mr.Stephen shares his thoughts the demand for smart lighting is driving the development of IoT dimming solutions and the adoption of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocols.

Fair attendees were able to see MoonLED’s state of the art XLD series and DALI dimming modules. The XLD series dimming modules are suitable for consumer-grade LED applications and are engineered to fit inside any existing lighting fixture. When combined with a variable resistor or potentiometer the XLD dimming modules can result in flicker-free dimming. With the support of up to 28VDC x 1000mA, or 28 watts of input power, and easy installation, the XLD series dimming modules are an ideal choice for commercial needs of any scale.

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Aitus released the new Light Storm 300D Led light

Aputure has introduced its new Led light product, the Light Storm 300D. Although its length is only 34.29cm, but the new Light Storm 300D Led lamp has a high brightness of up to 142,000 lumens, the light brightness is almost equivalent to a 2000 watt tungsten lamp. The new LED lights support power supply via battery or AC power and support remote control at distances up to 150m. In addition, the Light Storm 300D Led is equipped with a Poleon bayonet so that it can install and use most of the accessories from the company. While it also has a high color accuracy, the new LED light CRI rating of 95, TCLI rating of 96, color temperature range of 5500K 200K between. At present, the new Light Storm 300D Led lamp will be available for sale on November 15 and will be priced at $ 1,100 (approximately RMB7,318).

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Fear of negative impact on the exchange rate LED lighting export boom continued good

August China LED lighting export climate index of 52.2, in the boom range, down 0.4 points last month, which shows that in August China’s overall export of LED lighting situation is good, but compared to the previous month, a slight weakening, which is mainly affected by China LED lighting export scale, exchange rate fluctuations, the price trend of packaging devices, LED lighting business business revenue multiple factors.

Note: All indices are in the range of 40 to 60, 50 for the economic index of the critical value, when the prosperity index is greater than the critical value, indicating that the economic situation tends to rise or improve, in a state of the economy; when the climate index is less than the critical value , Indicating that the economic situation tends to decline or deterioration, in a recession. (58,43) for the “more prosperous” interval, [53, 50) for the “boom” interval, (50,47) for the “downturn” interval, (58,43) for the “more prosperous” 47,42] for the “more sluggish” interval, (42,40) for the “very sluggish” interval.

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New York: 2018 at the end of the remaining 3 into the street lights to upgrade to LED

In recent years, in the process of deepening the globalization process and countries to promote LED products related to the policy, the domestic LED business “going out” wind and water. New York large-scale replacement of LED lights, LED lighting for China is undoubtedly a good opportunity for enterprises.

With the daytime day by day shorter, one day longer than the day, the New Yorkers will begin to see the city’s new scene. According to the New York City Department of Transportation data, the city’s 250,000 street lamps, nearly 72% of the orange light has been known from the previous sodium vapor lamp replaced by a more bright white LED bulbs.

New York’s goal is to upgrade the remaining 28% of the lights by the end of 2018, but not those on national highways. LED lamp life longer than the old lamp, but only consume half of the energy, can save millions of dollars. Experts say upgrades can increase the sense of security that can inspire New York locals and tourists to go more streets at night.
Article link: China Security Exhibition Network