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The lighting market will once again be in a weak period, and the tariff increase will become a “culprit”?

The lighting market is weak, and the European filament lamp market is highly competitive. From the first quarter to the second quarter of this year, the price of LED packaging products continued to decrease. In June, the prices of mainstream packaging products in the Chinese market remained stable, but the demand for lighting market remained […]

Healthy Lighting LED Lighting Selection Guide

The choice of lighting for the eye health is very straightforward. Before discussing how to achieve different lighting for different functions, we must first understand the relevant knowledge of the lamps and lanterns important parameters in order to be able to buy a satisfactory “eye protection “product. 1. Color temperature. Color temperature directly affects the […]

How to develop LED smart street lights? Philips Lighting thinks so

As early as February 2014, Philips and the communications company Ericsson reached a cooperation, jointly launched the launch of 4G smart street lights. Ericsson improved the performance of mobile networks by placing mobile telecommunications equipment in the Philips networked LED street light poles. Subsequently, Philips entered into a partnership with ABB, a building automation supplier, […]

Global intelligent lighting enters the high-speed development stage, lighting manufacturers seek transformation.

The Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on April 6. The four-day exhibition (April 6th to April 9th) brought together more than 1300 companies from nearly 20 countries and regions. The show presented a spectacular feast of […]

Global light bulb prices were released in March! Filament lamps are still popular in the European market.

According to the LEDinside latest price report, the price of power 3030 LED package products in the Chinese market was significantly reduced in March 2018, and the price of high-power ceramic substrate LED package products was slightly reduced. Other products The price remained stable. Wang Ting, an analyst at LEDinside, said that in March, the […]

Leveraging LED lighting, scientists successfully planted vegetables in Antarctica.

Scientists at the Neumayer Station III in Antarctica at the outdoor temperature below -20°C successfully planted soils, sunlight and sunlight in the high-tech greenhouse (EDEN-ISS). Pesticide vegetables include 3.6 kilogram salad lettuce, 18 cucumbers, and 70 radishes. It is understood that scientists use water-based cultivation methods to use reusable water circulation and nutrient systems, while […]

LED rare earth luminescent material research progress will become a new generation of lighting

Rare earths are used in many areas of China’s photovoltaics. According to reports, research on rare-earth luminescent materials for LEDs has progressed, and phosphors will become a new generation of lighting sources. How about specific conditions? Let’s learn about the rare earth luminescent materials used in LEDs. LED solid-state lighting devices have the advantages of […]

Mandatory certification! New LED bulbs emerged on June 1st.

Recently, the Australian/New Zealand Bureau of Standards issued AS/NZS4417.2:2012 revised standard for the fourth edition of the Electronic and Electrical Products Compliance Marking Standard A4:2017. This revision expands the list of products under control, reclassifies the security level of some products, and also updates the definition of some products. It is worth noting that this […]