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Aitus released the new Light Storm 300D Led light

Aputure has introduced its new Led light product, the Light Storm 300D. Although its length is only 34.29cm, but the new Light Storm 300D Led lamp has a high brightness of up to 142,000 lumens, the light brightness is almost equivalent to a 2000 watt tungsten lamp. The new LED lights support power supply via battery or AC power and support remote control at distances up to 150m. In addition, the Light Storm 300D Led is equipped with a Poleon bayonet so that it can install and use most of the accessories from the company. While it also has a high color accuracy, the new LED light CRI rating of 95, TCLI rating of 96, color temperature range of 5500K 200K between. At present, the new Light Storm 300D Led lamp will be available for sale on November 15 and will be priced at $ 1,100 (approximately RMB7,318).